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Summary of Wisconsin Court Decision relating to Unemployment Insurance

Subject: William J. McKibbin (Hrg. No. 93200327EC) v. LIRC, Marten Transport Ltd., and R.E. Harrington, Inc., Case No. 95-0234 ,Wis. Ct. of Appeals, Dist. IV, February 29, 1996 (unpublished).

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Digest Codes: MC 660  MC 662  MC 659.02

Employe, an over-the-road truck driver, fell asleep at the wheel of his rig. It rolled over and damage in the amount of $19,000 resulted. He was discharged. LIRC found misconduct, reasoning that the employe’s falling asleep at the wheel was negligence of such a degree that it would constitute misconduct despite the fact that it was a single incident. The circuit court reversed, holding that while the Boynton Cab misconduct standard does allow a finding of misconduct where there are either deliberate violations or disregard of the employer’s standards or carelessness or negligence of a certain degree or recurrence, the commission had ignored the definition of the degree of negligence required to find misconduct. The evidence here did not show conduct of such a degree of negligence as to manifest wrongful intent or evil design. The employer appealed .

Held: Circuit court decision is affirmed. The court does not defer to LIRC’s expertise because it is not in any better position that the court to determine when negligence crosses the line into misconduct under the Boynton test. Under the circumstances, the employer did not prove negligence to such a degree as to manifest a substantial and intentional disregard of its interests. In a fatigued state, the employe simply made one bad mistake.

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