How to Appeal a LIRC Fair Employment Decision to Circuit Court

This page provides links to information about how to appeal a LIRC Fair Employment Decision to Circuit Court.

DISCLAIMER: The information provided here is intended solely as a guideline for those appealing fair employment decisions of the Labor and Industry Review Commission to the circuit court. It is not meant to be legal advice, nor is it legal advice in any fashion. The information does not in any way remove from the individual the responsibility to research and comply with all applicable statutory requirements for the filing and processing of an appeal of a commission decision with the circuit court. For legal advice, you may want to contact an attorney.

Description of Appeal Rights And Procedures -- This document is a description of your rights to appeal a LIRC Fair Employment decision and of the procedures that must be followed to start such an appeal. It is an exact reproduction of the green sheet, entitled "Appeal Rights", which is included with every LIRC Fair Employment decision.

or a Spanish language version of this document, click here: Derechos de ApelaciĆ³n (En EspaƱol)

Frequently Asked Questions ("FAQs") On Appealing A LIRC Fair Employment Decision To Circuit Court -- This document lists a number of frequently asked questions about the rights and required procedures for appealing a LIRC Fair Employment decision to court, and provides answers to those questions.