LIRC Unemployment Insurance Decisions

There are currently over 5,000 full-text LIRC UI Decisions, full text UI court decisions, and UI court decision summaries available online at this site. Please note that this is not a collection of all of LIRC's unemployment insurance decisions, but only of a limited number that have been archived based on a staff assessment that they might be useful as research tools. Neither the inclusion nor the omission of any particular decision should be taken as an indication of the commission's views on the general significance of the decision.

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About the database

Please note that these decisions have been converted to an online format, and for that reason they should not be considered exact reproductions of the originals. These versions of the decisions are provided here as an aid to research only. Copies of decisions may be obtained at the commission's offices.

Please note further that the capsule summary of the decision that appears on the search results page is not part of the commission's decision and does not necessarily reflect the views of the commission. The summaries are editorial content created by commission staff solely for the purpose of aiding researchers in quickly identifying whether a decision found by searching may touch on issues that they are researching.

While the names of all of the members of the commission are listed in the signature block in the decisions, this is not necessarily an indication that all members signed the decision. In earlier cases, the information as to which members signed is not reflected in the version of decision at this website. In most decisions issued since early 1998, that information is provided by the indication " /s/ " before the name of each member of the commission who joined the decision.