LIRC's Program Responsibilities

LIRC's primary responsibilities are to decide appeals of decisions issued by Administrative Law Judges ("ALJs") in three Divisions of the Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development (DWD):

Unemployment Insurance -- The DWD Division of Unemployment Insurance administers Wisconsin's Unemployment Insurance and Reserves Act. More information on the process by which ALJs hold hearings and issue decisions on UI benefit and tax issues is available from the DWD UI Bureau of Legal Affairs (BOLA). Questions and suggestions concerning legislative activity affecting the Unemployment Insurance program may also be directed to the Unemployment Insurance Advisory Council ("UIAC").

Worker's Compensation -- The DWD Worker's Compensation Division administers Wisconsin's Worker's Compensation Act (Wis. Stats. Ch. 102). Questions and suggestions concerning legislative activity affecting the Worker's Compensation Act may also be directed to the Worker's Compensation Advisory Council ("WCAC").

Equal Rights -- The DWD Equal Rights Division ("ERD") administers a number of laws concerning discrimination and employment-related issues. The laws administered by the ERD with which LIRC is involved include those prohibiting discrimination in Fair Employment and Public Accommodations.

In each of these areas, when decisions of ALJs are appealed, LIRC conducts a review of the evidence submitted at the hearing, considers any arguments submitted on behalf of the parties, consults with the ALJs where necessary, and then issues a written decision which may either affirm, reverse, or modify the decision of the ALJ, or direct further hearing or other proceedings. The decisions of LIRC may be appealed to circuit court.